The module TANKER is intended for POL, oil products, alcohol, kerosene, solvent and other fluid (depending on the version) pumping and metering. The module can solve various problems tank parks can have under different operation conditions. The module flowchart can be manufactured by the customer’s requirements.

Equipment for the module is used both in the general industrial and explosion-proof version. The module is made in various design options — stationary or a mobile one on the automatic chassis.

The module frame is manufactured from a light-weight non-circular pipe. Painted in various colours with a high quality paint. The module is custom-made in compliance with the customer’s requirements, the documents are developed for each set. The module key characteristics depend on the equipment used in it.

The module of fuel pumping and metering is intended for the operation with light oil products: petrol, diesel fuel or kerosene (specified at order), alcohol, solvent, acid. Manufactured for fuel intake and dispensing without changing the configuration of the suction and pressure lines, i.e., there is a possibility to reverse the flow. Equipped with the pump with an explosion-proof electrical engine. Due to the availability of the fuel quantity indication meter with the precision class up to 0.25% it is possible to perform commercial fuel dispensing. The module frame is plated with steel 0.4-1 mm and painted with enamel. To prevent the access to the equipment, there is a possibility to install a lock on a service hatch.

*Optionally can be equipped with a gas separator (air separator), filter or filter separator.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply — 380 V
  • Pump performance up to 34 cubic meters/hour
  • Filtration degree – 100 micron
  • Meter precision — 0.25% or 0.5%
  • Operating temperature -40+50

Standard configuration of main nodes and units

  • Electric pump AVSN-80 11 kW explosion-proof version
  • Metering device OGM-80, PPT-80, PPV-100
  • Filter FZHU-80
  • Welded frame structure.
  • Explosion-proof start button and power cabinet
  • Data sheet/operation manual, compliance certificate, data sheets for component parts.