A mobile filling module (mobile filling station) for petrol is manufactured on the trailer for moving along public roads. By the customer’s order we perform the service of making changes in the vehicle certificate of ownership — in particular, the note is made that the trailer is equipped with a fuel module. Please, contact managers to know the service price.

The module is intended for fueling private transport, water transport, generator fueling, etc. The module can be used for mobile or stationary fueling. The form is cylindrical. It is possible to paint the module in various colours (blue, grey, black, red, yellow, green).

Complete set of the fuel Module container

Single-wall steel 4 mm, transporting lugs, ventilation pipe with a pressure vent valve, filling neck, intake tube + stop valve, line of fuel level measuring, bracing.

The fuel module containers can be one, two, three-section for various products with dispensing equipment for various products. By separate order the module can be made as a double-walled one. Module container materials — steel 20, 09G2S, stainless steel.

Additional equipment

  • Dispensed product meter.
  • Pump 12V. 50 lpm.
  • Dispensing valve (manual or automatic gun).
  • Dispensing and suction hose.
  • Fine and coarse filter with a replaceable or washable cartridge.
  • Battery 12V.