Intended to be used in field conditions, for diesel fuel, kerosene, petrol, oil, antifreeze, cooling fluid filling (any types of POLs can be used). Mobile filling modules can be used to fuel agricultural equipment, general purpose aircraft, special equipment, motor transport, etc. PFZU TANKER is a fully composite set manufactured by the customer’s statement of work. PFZU can be installed on a trailer for moving along public roads or mounted on a workshop trolley for moving on site. The PFZU frame is equipped by a tarpaulin cover for the protection from rainfall and convenient operation.

PFZU include all pipeline parts which are necessary for cautious fuel filling into a tank and/or fast fuel pumping from a container into a container. Ball valves, quick disconnect joints, flanges, scrapers, bypass and safety valves, compensators, dispensing and delivery-suction hoses, hose coils, dispensing valves, suction valves. At the same time PFZU can have several pumps mounted on it, these pumps will have different performance values — for different fluids. Self-priming, vane, geared and vortex pumps with electric engines for 220, 380, 12 or 24 V or with diesel internal combustion engines (motor pumps TANKER). Electric engines stipulate for explosion-proof coils with the cable feeding supply voltage. Fuel filtration is stipulated: coarse filters starting from 50 micron, fine filters from 1 micron – separator filters. It is permitted to use several types of filters at the same time combining them into a multi-step fuel cleaning system.

For fuel metering PFZU have fuel meters – mechanical or electronic ones. In addition, by separate order one can install a system of dosed admixture introduction on PFZU, for example, introduction in diesel fuel, in a set with the admixture storage container and its proper pump. To fuel small aircraft with kerosene or aviation fuel, the meter Alfons Haar can be installed on PFZU with a possibility of introducing the admixture PKVZH. In case of this flowmeter using, a special system for the admixture PKVZH is mounted. PFZU can be equipped with control boards and parameter control boards, pressure gauges, thermal sensors, the system of oil product quality indication, samplers, GLONASS system, back-up batteries. For the purpose of convenience PFZU can have containers for fuel storage or other POL storage. By order, PFZU are supplied with all necessary equipment — fire extinguishers, syringes, shop rags, unified air valves, etc.


  • Pump performance:100-500 lpm
  • Filtration degree from 50 1 micron
  • Precision of fuel metering 1-0.1%
  • The volume of a storage container is 30-1,000 liters.