The motor pump Tanker 049 is applied for pumping light oil products and various fluids for which the operated pump is intended, their viscosity should not exceed 6 cm²/sec while the density — less than 1,000 kg/m³.

The key peculiarity of the motor pump is that the pump used is intended for pumping light oil products. The motor pump is ideal for the operation in field conditions as well as during blackout at the facility. It is equipped with 2-wheeled chassis and can easily move within the facility.

The belt drive of the motor pump shaft has an extended useful life. The exhaust system is equipped with a certified spark blowout of burned gases directed to the opposite side from the pump. Due to a high-performance engine the motor pump has good hydraulic indicators.

Technical characteristics



Pump rate,m³ /h

35 (to 50 — option)

Head, m


Capacity, kW

7.8 (9.2 — maximum)

Rated rotation frequency, rpm


Pumped fluid

oil products, alcohol, water***

Self-priming lift, m



Manual or Electro (option)*

Engine fuel

DF — diesel, MT-petrol**

Fuel tank volume, l


Remote control of the suction and delivery lines


Weight, kg.

90 -110

 *The battery is supplied by a separate order in a set with the groove fixed on the frame. Special engine version with electric starter and generator (the letter S ©is added in the designation).

** Special motor pump version with a petrol engine, please, specify the operation conditions at purchase.

*** by separate order the motor pump can be equipped with the pumpSVN-80AM (S,R,K)-U2 or the pump SVN-80AZ

Scope of delivery

  1. Motor pump Tanker 049
  2. Welded 2-wheeled spatial frame structure.
  3. Quick disconnect joints with fittings for delivery-suction hoses NB 75
  4. Spark blowout: The spark blowout IGS is intended for the installation onto discharge pipes of cars, tractors, combine harvesters entering the territory of the high fire hazard (oil tank farms, filling stations, farming lands, territories of oil refineries, areas of oil&gas extraction) and provides spark arresting and reduction of combustion products of the internal combustion engines. The spark blowout IGS is a dynamic spark blowout of a dry type with a structure in the form of labyrinth. Operating excess pressure is not more than 0.5 kg/cm2. Maximum temperature on the spark blowout surface — 300 °С. The operating temperature range — from–40 °С to +50 °С. The type of the protected air-fuel mixture: mix of air and propane, mix of air and butane, petrol vapour. The spark blowout IGS is produced in compliance with TC 3689-001-24016000-2003. It has a fire safety product certificate. No. РОСС RU.И703.04ЮАА0.ПЗ01.Э.0018.
  5. Operation manual/data sheet.


*hoses, dispensing valve, y-strainer, filter bed, TS meter, 4-wheeled trolley with pneumatic tyres R13., electric starter, battery, fluid heater, delivery-suction hoses, increased performance up to 50 m3/hour.



In its basic version the motor pump TANKER-049 is supplied with a reliable diesel engine, but by special order the motor pump can be supplied with petrol and diesel engines: LIFAN, HONDA, LOMBARDINI DIESEL, LOMBARDINI KOHLER, KIPOR, Greenfield, COMMAND PRO, ROBIN SUBARU, YANMAR, KAWASAKI, HATS, BRIGGS & STRATTON, PETTER, NEMA.

Specify the necessary engine in the order to choose the price and manufacturing term.

All models and their designations







Approximate manufacture term:

Possible options of internal combustion engines



Light oil products, alcohol

35, special order up to 50 or up to 25

26 (45-20)



Or 5-7 days





Pure technical water

to 50

26 (45-20)



Or 5-7 days




TANKER 049 kerosene

wet end components from non-ferrous metal

38 (24-40)

26 (45-20)


7-10 days


  • The motor pump supplied with an electro-starter has S © in marking
  • The motor pump with increased performance has M in marking

Light oil motor pumps are used

  • as a backup pump for fuel pumping from fuel filling stations, oil warehouses, fuel stations (at emergencies and blackouts) according to safety rules
  • transfer of oil products from containers and reservoirs to tank trucks or standby reservoirs;
  • light oil unloading from tank trucks or tank cars in the field;
  • as a backup pump for fuel trucks that may be installed higher than the frame level (the autonomous diesel pump for tankers, petrol tankers) when the main pump is broken down (in cross-country conditions thepto shaft group is often damaged);
  • due to using the wide range of pumps you may use them to pump the alcohol, gas concentrate, water, kerosene, chemicals, acids, brines etc. not reacting with aluminum parts of the motor pump;
  • as a part of the oil mobile warehouses or mobile units to remove hazardous situations on POL warehouses – EMERCOM, rescue services, emergency removal services of oil and gas companies, military units, construction companies, MMD, BCD etc.
  • alongside with the extra equipment, the motor pump may be used to remove consequences of oil and hazardous liquid spills, in OSR operational kits, be used for water supply for fire extinguishing or other purposes.