A compact stand-alone high-performance fuel dispenser TANKER-М150 is intended for fast fueling of motor transport, special, agricultural and military equipment with diesel fuel in field conditions.

The dispenser is equipped with a petrol internal combustion engine and intended for operation in field conditions. This compact engine has small dimensions and weight and is easy to start at any weather conditions.

The important feature of this dispenser is that it has a high performance of 150 lpm and is a self-priming one at small dimensions. The pumps equipped with DC engines have a maximum performance 85-90 lpm at useful currents up to 40 — 50 A. Not every type of battery and generator are able to operate under such current values, and as a rule, it requires expensive long wires for pump easy operation.

This column is unique for russian market, there are no counterparts

Because of the powerful and compensated petrol engine the mobile dispenser TANKER has good hydraulic indicators. The engine is easy-to-operate and has given a good account in operating companies. The body structure of the mobile dispenser TANKER is made as a spatial frame with wheels.

Technical characteristics

  • Performance, lpm: 150,
  • Weight, kg: 50,
  • Operating ambient temperature, оС: from -35 to 40,
  • Dimensions (length, width, depth), mm: 53*60*50.

Scope of delivery

  • Pump TANKER-150,
  • Petrol internal combustion engine.
  • Meter OGM-A-40,
  • Intake hose PVC reinforced with a metal spiral 6 m long with an intake valve and filtering mesh.
  • Dispensing hose 6 m with a dispensing valve.
  • Grounding pin with a 1 m long rope.
  • Option: filter+air separator.

Special version with a diesel internal combustion engine.