The mobile stand-alone filtering station TANKER is intended for cleaning diesel fuel from mechanical impurities and water. The filters TANKER 5 are used as a main filtering element for fine cleaning of diesel fuel, oil, kerosene or petrol.

The pump is equipped with the Motor pump TANKER 150 s DVS (internal combustion engine) which makes the filtering unit capable of stand-alone operation suitable for operation in field conditions!

The tanker units for cleaning fuel and other liquids are supplied in various sets and versions:

  • It is possible to use a multi-step cleaning system.
  • 1st step of FZHU.
  • 2 — 4 steps filters TANKER with various cartridges.
  • The 5th step of the final cleaning filters 1 or 5 micron.
  • It is possible to supply the system with various metering devices OGM, PPO-25, PPO-40, DD-25, Darkont, VZO, ELMETRO, PIUSI, GESPASA, etc.

Фильтрационный перекачивающий модуль ТАНКЕР

Key characteristics

  • Cleaned fuel: diesel fuel, oil
  • The degree of fuel cleaning from mechanical impurities: 1, 5, 10 or 25 -30 micron
  • First cleaning step — 50, 100, 200 micron.
  • Water separation or absorbing from 90% to 99.9%. (the purification degree depends on the water content in fuel and the filter used).
  • Filtering element metal flask.
  • Performance 150 l /min.
  • Mechanical or electronic fuel meter.
  • Self-priming pump: suction head — 4 m, pump capacity — to 30 m,
  • Gauges for monitoring pressure difference at the filtering element.
  • Operation at the temperature from — 40С to +60С, Maximum estimated pressure 3 bar.
  • Manual drain valve, sight glass (for filters in a metal flask), contamination indicator, oil and petrol resistant hoses, ball valves.

Version — on the frame with 4 wheels.

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