The pumps TANKER-AOZH are applied for pumping antiicing fluids (deicing fluids, de-icers), solvents, reagents, sulphates, vegetable oils, urea and acids. The pump is made from stainless steel with external ball bearings, non-metal and extra strong vanes, elastomers and chemically treated seal packing. The pump Tanker AOZH has a regulated safety valve, universal mounting bracket and has the function of start at the atmospheric pressure in the suction line.


The tanker AOZH has the function of fast fluid drain — as a rule, the tank with the volume 22,700 liters (6,000 gallons) is drained for 24 minutes. Non-metal vanes have the self-correction function which allows operating without lubrication at self-suction for some small period of time without pump damaging. The pump is easy to maintain as internal wear affects virtually its vanes only, and these vanes can be easily replaced by expedient means.

Technical information





to 333 lpm (20 m3/h)

to 946 lpm (57 m3/h)

Differential pressure

up to 8.6 bar


up to 1,200 rpm (shaft rotations)

up to 800 rpm (shaft rotations)

Operation temperature

up to +115 °C


Hydraulic drives: also available with a cooling device which are specially adjusted for specific use.

Pump shaft rotation

The pumps TANKER AOZH are equipped with a drive double-ended shaft for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

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