Air separators (gas separators) with the filters are installed in the pipeline before flowmeters, water gauges and other measuring tools. Their function consists in removing vapors, air and mechanical additions from the pipeline system.

Filtering mechanical additions increases the service life of measurement tools while gas separation makes the measurements more precise which is especially important at commercial metering. Besides, it is very important to have a laminar flow (without air and mechanical inclusions) of fuel for essential facilities — boiler houses, torches, generators, etc., where fuel flow can cause emergency shutdown.

Additional equipment

  • Excess pressure gauges
  • Dirt indicator or pressure difference gauge.
  • It is possible to paint the module in various colours
  • System of increasing air elimination and foam generation efficiency.


  • Dispensing systems and fuel metering units.
  • Fuelers
  • Fuel dispensers
  • Engine supply systems
  • Torch supply systems

Technical characteristics

  • Connecting dimensions — NB, from 50 to 150mm
  • Flow rate range — 25-3,000 (lpm)
  • Maximum pressure— 10Bar.
  • Body material — aluminum (by order: cast iron, steel, stainless steel)
  • Sealing material — viton, teflon.
  • Connection options — gear (female pipe thread), flanged and for welding.

Key components

Filter with rectangular flanges with the upper fastening of the air separator

Filtering component

Air separator for fixing on the upper filter surface

Flanged air separator

Filter and air separator in assembly with radial flanges NB150


Filtering parts are manufactured from stainless steel and are differed by the operating media: Petrol, solvents, fuel oil, diesel fuel, light motor oils.

Designation for order

FVT-50 PF NB 50mm (aluminum body with rectangular flanges); from 25 to 550 lpm.

FVT-80 PF NB 80mm (aluminum body with rectangular flanges); from 75 to 1,150 lpm.

FVT-100 PF NB 100mm (aluminum body with rectangular flanges); from 130 to 1,700 lpm.

FVT-100 KF NB 100mm (steel body with circular flanges); from 130 to 1,700 lpm.

FVT-150 KF NB 150mm (steel body with circular flanges); from 225 to 3,000 lpm.