The cassette module of fine fuel filtration has a high performance, a possibility to use various types of cartridges with various purification degrees. The module structure is made in such a way that allows for their easy combination at the facility — parallel or consequent module connection, pump unit connection to modules, coarse filters and fuel quantity indication systems. We also recommend buying the coarse filter with the purification degree 50-100 micron as a part of the set.

Cleaning steps of fine (final) fuel cleaning cassette cartridge

  • The 1st step is equipped with a micro-filter with the purification degree of 25 micron.
  • The 2d step is equipped with a separator with the purification degree of 10 micron
  • The 3d step is equipped with an absorption device with the purification degree of 5 or 1 micron

Component types


Filtering degree in micron:

Separator filter

1, 5, 10, 25 — key part used in the TANKER units.


1, 5, 10,25

Absorbing filter

1, 5, 10,25


Throughput capacity, pressure difference

Component type

Diesel fuel, max lpm


max lpm


max lpm

Pressure drop, «part should be replaced»





1.4 kgf/secm²

Separator filter




1.1 kgf/secm²

Absorbing filter




2.1 kgf/secm²

Key characteristics

  • Cleaned fuel: diesel fuel, petrol (kerosene, oil — optionally).
  • The degree of fuel cleaning from mechanical impurities: 1, 5, 10 or 25 micron — main purification degree, the 25 micron cartridge starts deleting particles, approximately from 4 micron, approximately by 87% and further deletes the particles to 21 micron with the increase in the cleaning percentage up to 99.9%.
  • Water separation or absorbing from 90% to 99.9%. (the purification degree depends on the water content in fuel) filtering component — separator filter 25 micron — capable ofan efficient removing of emulsified water from fuel.
  • Operation at the temperature from — 40С up to +60С, Maximum estimated pressure 9 bar.
  • Manual drainage valve, windscreen with a float to control the water availability in a settler.
  • Cartridge resource: 500,000 liters х 5 pieces (an average service life of the cartridge is specified — it can significantly change depending on the fuel quality)

OPTIONS: electronic water gauge, filter bowl heater and a system of temperature maintaining, pressure gauges, suspension bracket, floor-mounted bracket, connection kit, pump unit, fuel meter.