Mobile filling module is intended for mobile and stationary fueling of private vehicles, agricultural or special equipment. This module can be transported by a trailer on public roads. The module can be manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel to be used with other fluids: various POLs, food products, acids, alkalis, etc. The modules can have a cylindrical or rectangular for, vertical and horizontal.

топливный модукль танкер

MTR module scope of delivery

  • Single-wall container, steel 4 mm (double-walled by order and steel 3-6 mm).
  • Metal grating or channeled supports or transportation lugs.
  • Ventilation pipe with a pressure vent valve.
  • Filling neck of the tank with a cover.
  • Sampling tube to connect dispensers.
  • Low drainage plug.
  • It is possible to paint the module in various colours.

Metal container

Volume, liters

MTR 330


MTR 500


MTR 750


MTR 950


топливный модуль танкер с безоператорным отпуском топлива

Additional equipment that can be used with the modules

  • Metal cabinet with dispensing equipment.
  • Dispensed fuel meter.
  • Fuel pump (for 12V, 24V or 220/380V. or a motor pump, for example, TANKER-150)
  • Dispensing valve (automatic or manual gun).
  • Dispensing hose and water hose coil.
  • Filter (fine, coarse filter or a separator filter).
  • Measuring rod to measure the fuel internal level (supplied with a gauge hatch).
  • System without operator fuel dispensing unit.

Trailer with a vehicle certificate of ownership or a workshop cart.