The modular, stand-alone filling station TANKER is intended for internal agricultural use or a small commercial filling station. Intended for fueling of private vehicle, agricultural or special equipment, water transport, small mobile mining machines (snow tractors, quad bikes).

The container is made from steel (steel 20 or 09G2S) with the wall thickness 4-6 mm. The container is equipped with: filling neck, container breathing system, gauging hatch, measuring rod, inverted valve, etc.

The module is equipped with

  • Two-section container for fueling with two fuel types.
  • Engineering compartment with heat insulation and a heating system.
  • Fuel dispensing equipment for two fuel types.
  • The system of unmanned fuel dispensing by cards and metering the amount of fuel in the container with the help of software and GSM modems.
  • Pump for filling.
  • The video control system GSM with data transfer on the filling station state: the hatch is open, the pump is on, control of traffic near the filling station.
  • Local lighting.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher.
  • Lightening rod.
  • Automatic diesel generating of petrol generating unit.
  • Back-up battery with the possibility to be equipped with solar batteries.

The price of the filling station depends on the scope of delivery. The fueling module can be painted in various colours.