A mobile filling module (for diesel fuel, kerosene or petrol, or oil, or antifreeze, or cooling fluid etc.) is intended for fueling private transport, agricultural or special equipment, supplying power to diesel generators, diesel boilers.

The module can be used for mobile or stationary fueling. Cylindrical or cubic form. It is possible to paint the module in various colours (blue, grey, black, red, yellow, green).

Complete set of the fuel module container

Single-wall steel 4 mm, transporting lugs, ventilation pipe with a pressure vent valve, filling neck, intake tube + stop valve, line of fuel level measuring, channel supports or bracing or lugs. The module width with the volume up to 1,000 liters, no more than 1,200 mm which allows moving the module in a car trailer, car freight section or pickup body.

The fuel module containers can be one, two, three-section for various products with dispensing equipment for various products. By separate order the module can be made as a double-walled one. Module container materials — steel 20, 09G2S, stainless steel.

Additional equipment

  • Dispensed product meter.
  • Pump (power supply 12V, 24V, 220V, 380V. Motor pump) 40-500 lpm.
  • Pump for filling.
  • Fuel dispenser.
  • Dispensing valve (manual or automatic gun).
  • Dispensing and suction hose, quick disconnect joints.
  • Fine and coarse filter with a replaceable or washable cartridge.

топливный модукль танкер

Please take note of the mobile fuel level meter fz-500

This device has no counterparts and is produced mainly for the organizations with their own transport park or boilers and generators which face the problems of precise and timely measurement of fuel amount in various time points.