Our company produces oil dispensers in various sets and versions. Virtually every customer’s facility is individual and requires a customized approach. We manufacture dispensers with the help of the equipment from leading Russian and Asian suppliers.

Widely applied components parts are always available at our storage facility, less common parts can be ordered from the storages of distributors and representatives of the manufacturing companies, if necessary, we order equipment from abroad.

Our already 10-year expertize in production of non-standard equipment allows manufacturing convenient sets ready for operation. In addition to producing the dispenser, we can manufacture a whole oil dispensing point in a container or organize the point of delivery and metering POLs at the company’s POL storage.

Specify the fluid type for pumping

 Fluid types Oil Cooling fluid Antifreeze



Specify your fluid type

Fluid parameters

At order specify the fluid viscosity and temperature

Number of points for metering

 Specify the number of measuring lines, dispensers, etc.

Operation conditions

Specify the ambient temperature, Explosion-proof or General industrial version

Pump supply voltage

Available pumps with the supply voltage 12 V, 24 V, 220 V, 380 V.

Air pumps. Manual pumps

Pump performance and pressure

Specify the pump performance in lpm or cbm/h.

In case there are any pressure requirements, specify the pressure value.

Электрический шестеренчатый насос для различных масел Viscomat 60/2 с напряжением постоянного тока — 24В или 12В35100А Ручной поршневой насос для перекачки ГСМ из бочек Электрический лопастной насос для различных масел Viscomat 90 M (в т.ч. для Рапсового масла) EA 88 (0.37 kW) насос для перекачки масла Смесительные насосы DF50 (неметаллические) ДВУХДИАФРАГМЕННЫЕ ПЕРЕКАЧИВАЮЩИЕ ПНЕВМОНАСОСЫ GRACO США


 Structural design


Mobile frame from a circular tube Metal panel easily fixed on the tank, wall, etc Stationary or fixed frame on which the equipment is fixed with a barrel Metal cabinet with a lock Version for outside location in the form of the fuel dispenser — floor-standing or suspended



Approximate photo:

Колонка танкер

Meter type or metering systems


Mechanical or electronic meter on the dispensing gun or the— meter — doser Mechanical or electronic meter near the pump Electronic meter with a keyboard to set the dispensing dose — doser Electronic system of unmanned fuel dispensing by electronic cards Electronic measuring indicator for commercial and department filling stations with control from the operator’s board
  Модульные расходомеры — дозаторы Lutz серия TS — вода, бензин, дизельное топливо, гидравлическое масло, кислоты, раствор едкого натра, этанол, нефть, изопропанол, керосин, тетрагидрофуран, эфир, стирол, ксилол, тетрагидрофуран


Specify the length of a dispensing hose and the necessity to install the coil for the hose.

Specify the method of fluid taking from the container, the necessity to install an intake tube, filter bed, etc.




Specify the availability of a filter and its purification degree, desired service life


Describe all additional data you think it is necessary to specify.