Performance 185,200 2 and 300 lpm, voltage 220 V (by order 380 V),12 or24V. The dispenser TANKER 185,200, 300 is intended for pumping and metering diesel fuel with the viscosity 2 — 5.35 cSt at the temperature -40 to +40 0С. The dispenser is intended for motor transport, locomotives and special equipment fueling.

 The dispenser uses high-performance pumps. The pump TANKER has perfect dynamic characteristics: performance, pressure, vacuum and head. A fuel dispenser is a modular structure consisting of block for pumping and metering the amount of fuel and a dispenser control block.

The pumping and metering block has various modifications TANKER-185,TANKER-200 and TANKER-300, it consists of the pumps TANKER, an electromagnetic valve and flowmeter. By default the pumping block is produce to be able of dispensing fuel through 1 hose, by separate order the number of hoses can be increased up to 4.The pumps TANKER are self-priming and equipped with a bypass valve.

Dispensing column control blocks

  • The control block TANKER 04D with the possibility of setting a dose from a local keyboard.
  • The control block TANKER 04/2 has a possibility to dispense fuel from a local keyboard and from the control board located in the operator’s room, can be connected to the computer for fuel dispensing control and metering. By default it controls one dispensing hose but the control area can be extended to 4 hoses.
  • Controller for unmanned fuel dispensing and metering by non-contact cards, the transfer of data to the central office by GSM or via wires, control of users and limits, possibility to connect the system of metering fuel in containers. By default it controls one dispensing hose but the control area can be extended to 2 or 4 hoses by order.


Fuel dispenser


Fuel dispenser


Fuel dispenser


Supply voltage

12 or 24 V

220V or 380V – specify at the order

Pump performance

Up to 185 lpm

Up to 200 lpm

Up to 300 lpm


Up to 2 atm

Operation safety and temperature

IP 55, -40 + 60

Self-priming lift

Up to 5 meters with a reverse valve

Dispensing valve

Manual AS-290


Frame from a circular tube, BASE COAT painted, metal plated.

Scope of delivery

Discharge hose MBS GOST 6 m.


Electromagnetic, normally closed, single-ranged


Tanker-04D-40 0.5%

Tanker-04D-50 0.5%

Re-equipment options:

Pump with a performance of 400 lpm.

Flowmeter with the state verification PPO-40 precision class 0.5 or 0.25

Tanker-04D Body IP 65 — Fuel dispensing from a local keyboard, LCD display

Tanker-04/2 Body IP 55 — Fuel dispensing from a local keyboard, with a possibility of control from the board in the operator’s room and cоntrol over 2 (4) hoses, LED

Controller with unmanned fuel release by cards KALIBR

Filter 100 or 50 micron (cleanable) FZHU

Separator filter