Performance 150 lpm, voltage 220 V (by order 380 V). The mini dispenser TANKER 150 is intended for pumping and metering diesel fuel with the viscosity 2 — 5.35 cSt at the temperature -40 to +40 0С. The dispenser is intended for motor transport and special equipment fueling.

This dispenser is unique at the market, there are no counterparts. The dispenser uses a high-performance pump. The pump TANKER 150 has perfect dynamic characteristics performance, pressure vacuum and head. The pumps TANKER are self-priming.

Топливная колонка 150 литров в минуту на металлической панели  Топливораздаточная колонка 150 литров в минуту на металлической панели   ТРК 150 литров в минуту на металлической панели

Technical characteristics


Mini-dispenser TANKER -150

Supply voltage

220V or 380V – specify at the order

Pump performance

Up to 150 lpm


Up to 2 atm

Operation safety and temperature

IP 55, -40 + 60

Self-priming lift

Up to 5 meters with a reverse valve

Dispensing valve

Manual AS-290


Metal panel with a projection thickness 2 mm, BASE COAT,

or a mobile frame from a circular tube

Scope of delivery

Suction, transparent, armored hose PVC NB40 — 2 meters, pressure hose MBS GOST NB 40 4 meters

Net weight




Type of mechanical meter and its precision


К700 Italy, 0.5%

PPO-40 0.5%or 0.25 State verification

Options additionally to the price:

Valve with automatic shutdown

Cleanable filter 100 micron Renson

Separator filter PIUSI 30 micron — cartridge filter

Separator filter TANKER-5, 25 micron (duplex filter)

Metal cabinet with a key

Electronic flowmeter

Designation at order

Mini-dispenser TANKER 150-220 A I  N F:

  • F — Filter, S-Separator
  • A — Automatic valve
  • I — I-K700, G-OGM, PP-PPO-40
  • A — A-met. Panel, 3-Cabinet, C-Frame
  • 150-220 - 220ВV or 380V