The fuel dispenser TANKER-B is intended for pumping and metering petrol, kerosene or diesel fuel. The dispenser is intended for motor transport and special equipment fueling. The fuel dispenser uses various pumps produced in Spain, Italy, Russia, China as well as various meters. It is possible to make versions on the frame, panel and in the metal cabinet.

Technical characteristics


Mini-dispenser Tanker

Supply voltage

12, 24, 220, 380V.

Pump performance

from 60 to 100 lpm


Up to 2 atm

Operation safety and temperature

IP 54, from — 40 to + 60 (depends on the scope of delivery) Ex

Self-priming lift

Up to 5 meters with a reverse valveat the suction line

Dispensing valve

Automatic or manual


Metal panel with a projection thickness 2 mm

Coating base coat or mobile frame from a non-circular tube

Scope of delivery

Suction, transparent, armored hose PVC— 2 meters, pressure hose MBS GOST 4 meters.

Type ofa meter and its precision

MG80V 1%,



Italy 1%

Fill-Rite 807

USA 1%

DD-25 or PPO-25

0.5%, 0.25%

State verification




Metal cabinet with a key

Cleanable filter 100 micron

Filter 10 micron Cim-Tek

Separator filter TANKER-5, 25 micron

Tanker-04D Body IP 65 — Fuel dispensing from a local keyboard, LCD display

Tanker-04/2 Body IP 54, Fuel dispensing from a local keyboard, with a possibility of control from the board in the operator’s room and cоntrol over 2 (4) hoses, LED

Controller with unmanned fuel release by cards KALIBR

Pump with the performance (150 lpm)

Designation at order

Mini- dispenser Tanker B 60 А 220 I N:

F — Filte;

N — Automatic valve;

I - К33, MG, FR, К-Controller Tanker 04D, PPO, DD;

220 — 220V, 380V, 12V, 24V;

A — A-Met. Panel, 3-Cabinet, C-Frame;

Tanker B 60 - Performance lpm.