Performance 60 or 80 lpm, Voltage 220V.

The mini dispenser TANKER is intended for pumping and metering diesel fuel with the viscosity 2 — 5.35 cSt at the temperature -40 to +40 0С. The dispenser is intended for motor transport and special equipment fueling.

The mini-dispenser TANKER is produced by Chelyabinsk Fuel Equipment Plant. The dispenser has small dimensions and weight. It is assembled from high-quality component parts which have been used at various facilities under different operation conditions for a long time. The pumps of the TANKER trademark are produced in Russia at production facilities of Miass and Chelyabinsk. All pumps pass several stages of quality inspection and are subject to final testing before being sent to the customer with the volume 1 ton of pumped fluid at least. At the manufacture of fuel dispensers the company uses reliable component parts with a good safety factor which differs them from the Chinese parts, light and cheap.

The pumps TANKER are self-priming and equipped with a bypass valve.

Technical characteristics


Mini-dispenser TANKER-80-220 and TANKER-60-220.

Supply voltage

220V 750 V

Pump performance

from 60 to 80 lpm


Up to 2 atm

Operation safety and temperature

IP 55, -20 + 60

Self-priming lift

Up to 4 meters with a reverse valve at the suction line

Dispensing valve

Manual TR1610


Metal panel with a projection thickness 3 mm, BASE COAT,

or a mobile frame from a circular tube

Scope of delivery

Suction, transparent, armored hose — 2 meters, pressure hose MBS GOST 4 meters.

Net weight

22 kg.

Type of mechanical meter and its precision

K-44 China 1%, basic variant

К33 Italy 1%

Option: Metal cabinet with a key

Electronic flowmeter

Designation at order

Mini- dispenser TANKER 80-220 A I:

 TANKER 80-220 - Pump type – TANKER-60 or TANKER-80

 A - A – Met. Panel, С — Mobile frame, З met. cabinet

I - К33 Italy 1%