Performance 100 and 150 lpm, voltage 220 V (by order 380 V). The fuel dispenser TANKER 100 and TANKER 150 is intended for the use at temperatures from — 40 to +45 С. The dispenser is intended for motor transport and special equipment filling with diesel fueling. This dispenser is unique at the market, there are no counterparts. The dispenser uses high-performance pumps. The pump TANKER has perfect dynamic characteristics— performance, pressure vacuum and head.

Fuel dispensers are capable of releasing the set dose after the driver’s authorization with the help of a non-contact unmanned operator. The dispenser can function 24/7 without being connected to the central office.

Technical characteristics


Mini-dispenser TANKER 100-KMAZS

Mini-dispenser TANKER 150-KMAZS

Supply voltage

220V or 380V – specify at the order

Pump performance

Up to 100 lpm

Up to 150 lpm


Up to 4 atm.

Operation safety and temperature

IP 54, -40 +50 (EX- by order)

Self-priming lift

Up to 5 meters with a reverse valve

Dispensing valve

Automatic MD-120

Automatic AC-200


Metal frame with metal panels

Scope of delivery

Discharge hose MBS GOST 4 m — 2 pieces


KMAZS — controller of POL dispensing at in-house metering

Separator filter

TANKER-5 5 micron

KMAZS allows automating the process of fueling transport vehicles without involvement of filling station operators, improving control over POL consumption, preventing material stealing, providing for the possibility to register events with the subsequent analysis of all operations on POL dispensing, conduct a remote monitoring of the equipment operation, obtain information on the remaining POL in the containers, perform timely changing of the limits of dispensing fuel for any consumer.

KMAZS is intended for the installation and operation at the open platform of a fuel filling station in close proximity to the fuel dispenser and POL containers in the explosion hazardous area zone 2 in compliance with GOST R 51330, 14-99.