Performance 100 lpm, voltage 220 V (by order 380 V). The mini dispenser TANKER 100 is intended for pumping and metering diesel fuel with the viscosity 2 — 5.35 cSt at the temperature -40 to +40 0С. The dispenser is intended for motor transport and special equipment fueling.

This dispenser peculiarity is that it uses the pump TANKER-100 with improved characteristics. The performance, pressure, vacuum and head are higher than those characteristic for the pump TANKER 80 and its counterparts from other manufacturers. The pump characteristics allowed using various component parts in TANKER-100, and this provides for additional operation advantages. The pumps TANKER are self-priming and allow using a dispensing valve with automatic shutdown.

Availability of such dispenser at the operated facility provides for fast equipment fueling!

Technical characteristics


Mini-dispenser TANKER -100

Supply voltage

220V or 380V – specify at the order

Pump performance

Up to 100 lpm


Up to 2 atm

Operation safety and temperature

IP 55, -40 + 60

Self-priming lift

Up to 4.5 meters with a reverse valve

Dispensing valve

Manual TR1610


Metal panel with a projection thickness 2 mm, BASE COAT,

or a mobile frame from a circular tube

Scope of delivery

Suction, transparent, armored hose — 2 meters, pressure hose MBS GOST 4 meters.

Net weight

22 kg.

23 kg.

30 kg.

Type of mechanical meter and its precision

K-44 China 1%- basic variant

К33 Italy 1%


DD-25 0.5% (0.25) State verification

Options additionally to the price:

Valve with automatic shutdown

Cleaned filter 100 micron

Filter 30 micron Cim-Tek series 400

Separator filter 30 micron or fine filter 5 u, m (the performance decreases to 80 lpm)

Separator filter TANKER-5 25 micron (the performance decreases to 80 lpm)

Metal cabinet with a key

Electronic flowmeter


Designation at order

Mini-dispenser TANKER 100-220 A  I N F:

  • F - Filter, S-Separator
  • N - Automatic valve
  • I - K33, G-OGM, DD- DD25
  • A — Met. Panel, 3-Cabinet, C-Frame
  • 100-220 — 220 V or 380V